MoonShine Mentholy Insane E Liquid

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 Mentholy Insane E Liquid is our very own super strong Menthol flavour. 4 unique menthol extracts are expertly combined to give outstanding flavour and a massive unrivalled Menthol hit. Probably the best Menthol on the market (in our humble opinion!). Once you try it you will never go back!

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Customer Reviews
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Insane Mentholy 4 product stars
"I just had to get it and it' the best thing l heard of the liquid from a friend" ELIZABETH Power - 17/03/2018
Insane Mentholy 4 product stars
"I just had to get it and it' the best thing l heard of the liquid from a friend" ELIZABETH Power - 17/03/2018
Insane Mentholy 4 product stars
"I just had to get it and it' the best thing l heard of the liquid from a friend" ELIZABETH Power - 17/03/2018
Look no Further, This Is It 5 product stars
"Best menthol vape i have found, its as simple as that. Excellent taste, brilliant throat kick and plenty of vapour. Not for the fruity loving hanky holding souls. Excellent product well done and thanks." Carl - 12/03/2016
Menthol to the metal 5 product stars
"At last! After trying a lot of menthol flavoured bases, this hits a home run. I use the 50/50 PG/VG as I don't care for VG only (sweet aftertaste, more vapour and less throat hit). With 50% PG, this kicks your throat like blizzard and singes your tastebuds with pure menthol and none of that sweet, perfumy stuff. It's like inhaling a pack of Fisherman's Friend. Excellent stuff!" Bjorn Standal - 16/11/2015
BOOM! 5 product stars
"Wow! Best Menthol ive had to date, sooooooooooooooo strong but with an amazing flavour too, can't get enough!" Kian - 24/09/2015
The best I have had 5 product stars
"Tried lots of different brands and lots of PG / VG mixes and have never really found a happy medium , PG drys me out so much and between coughing and the sore throats , I tend to fall back to the awful pack of cigs. I see a review of this on YouTube and opted to buy this as VG base and wow what a difference the flavour is so intense leaving that cold sensation in your mouth for minutes after This is 100% the best juice I have purchased in the last the 12 months of dipping In and out of vaping . I have already reordered more and also some of the smaller sized other flavours I will review these once arrived" Martin S - 27/08/2015
If you like strong menthol, you will love it! 5 product stars
"If you like Wizmix brainfreeze or Certoent strongh menthol you are going to love this. It takes strong to a whole new level and blows your socks off! This is like play fighting with a will toss you around a bit, fling you up against the walls and crush you like a ragdoll! Superb, a must have for any mentol vaper!" Tom Aubrey - 21/07/2015
Wow!!!!! 5 product stars
"All I can say is wow, I like my menthol liquid but this is something else, personally I thought 8.99 was quite expensive compared to the normal 4 I spend but it was so worth it, best menthol hit iv ever had!" J_hayward - 15/07/2014
...As a menthol base 10/10.... alone it is WILD. 5 product stars
"I first tried this on its own and wasn't into it... found it to be very surgical tasting....However.... After having been a menthol rollie girl for years I decided to use this as a base to add other flavours to. There is no other menthol I've tried that comes close to this. Its strength is unrivalled and when mixed with hot cinnamon and other alchemy.... :)" Beth - 23/06/2014
Disgusting Flavour 1 product stars
"Guess all the other reviewers love a strong chemical taste. That's what this menthol had. Almost no throat it at all, no real flavour apart from very strong chemical menthol taste. Yuk!" Greg Mitchell - 29/05/2014
Whoomp there it is! 5 product stars
"At last!!! Ive been searching for a decent Menthol flavour without the chemical aftertaste for absolutely ages, one of my work colleagues came in with a tank full of this and i tried it, oh my word, the menthol hit is massive but with no detriment to the flavour, Lovely!" Dex - 17/01/2014
Insane Indeed! 5 product stars
"WOW! The best menthol ive had to date (and Ive had a few!), enormous cold hit and does exactly what it says on the tin. Excellent" Bagsy - 18/11/2013
What a chiller 5 product stars
"Received this as a freebie with my order. What a palate cleanser, first time I tried it nearly froze my throat. Absolutely stunning,I will be using this as break between my tobacco juices. Many thanks guys." Jeff - 17/08/2013
AWESOME! 5 product stars
"Simply the best Menthol available, massively strong but amazing flavour too!!!" Ste - 19/07/2013
insane taste 5 product stars
"Tried lots of menthols til I caught this one. Really good taste and mentholy burst at the back of your throat. Plus, A rated service, thanks Vapour Juice" keith - 04/12/2012
packs a punch 5 product stars
"first of all, the service, unbeatable! ordered at 12:30pm and it was in my hand by 10:00 am the next day! flavour is strong...pure menthol! If you want a pure hard hitting menthol, this is the one, ive tried many and this is by far the strongest and the best! like vaping pure menthol it!" Gary - 06/10/2012
The Best 5 product stars
"I have tried many flavours / brands up to now, nothing compares to the vape of Mentholy Insane A+ keep up the good work" Jason - 02/08/2012
moonshine menthol 5 product stars
"best ive had this stuff is fantastic !!!! great flavour !!! great vape !!! real quality !!!" kev - 15/07/2012
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